Virtuous Woman, Inc. is a non-profit organization founded on the purpose and principles of the Kingdom of God, being a “light” to women of all walks of life that are in a very dark place. Our involvement will contain many mission projects to include housing, daycare, career development, and spiritual counseling based upon Christian Principles dealing with personal and family issues, parenting, mentoring, money management, and credit repair.

We will service in the Spirit of excellence with the utmost level of compassion and integrity for women not only in the Aurora/Denver, Colorado area, we desire to impact women all over the world.  The Vision of the organization is to assist women to overcome their emotional, physical, and financial challenges, while empowering them to obtain a healthy and productive lifestyle in every area of their lives.

Virtuous Woman, Inc. endeavors to be an effective organization for allowing the Spirit of God to flow and produce eternal fruit, while describing appropriate and practical means to reaching the general goals of helping women with dire needs.


Our Family Center is designed to focus on the aspects, and issues that single parents face daily. We also offer a Business Center, Family Center, Childcare, and Transportation services!

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  • One-on-One session/relationship with trained and certified counselors
  • Assisting each individual on identifying and addressing their self-worth
  • Addressing the mindset and behavior that manipulates women into making bad choices and/or decisions, by giving them the necessary tools to embrace better options
  • Courses on consciously parenting.
  • Mentoring each parent, and child/children on how to overcome the breakdowns within a family.
  • Identifying the emotional, social, and psychological problems dealing with absentee parents.
  • Family activities and exercises for women, and child/children that are designed to strengthen their relationships.

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